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The most interesting places, coolest insider tips, and best food in Shanghai? Check, Check, And Check.

Here is a list of things we may do in a day:
• Find the hidden-away spots that are always packed with locals and rarely see a tourist
• Try the best-tasting restaurants, and Shanghai Xiao Long Bao
• Go to the unique attractions that are worth seeing
• Make friends, avoid rip-offs, and fit in with the local culture
• And so much more

This experience is for people who want to get under the skin of the Paris of the Orient. To amble past the main attractions, certainly, but also find the hidden-away park with the best walking paths, or viewpoints with the best view of Shanghai.

Getting excited? Me too.

Now a little orientation:

The trip will cover 6 spots ( I will start with 5, but probably can't resist giving you one more). Some places have been there for two centuries. Some are born last year. You will fall in love with the best Shanghai has to offer.

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We are Team Sylvia. We are Sylvia, Will, Anna, and Mary. We are The Shanghai Taste. We are all young souls living in Shanghai, though we hail from Suzhou, San Francisco, and Chicago. We are, of course, tour guides (Ni Hao!), though we reincarnate regularly into magicians, data analysts, yoga gurus, insiders, and even writers (yeah, it gets exciting!) It's time to experience authentic, local Shanghai—through the eyes of those who have lived here for years. Full profile Leave a Review

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