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Terracotta Army Museum and Banpo Village

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Terracotta Warriors is one of the world’s greatest archaeological finds. Your tour today will take you to visit this Terracotta army museum and the Banpo Village which remains of several well-preserved Neolithic villages dating back between 6,000 to 9,000 years.

What You Can Expect:
Around 7 am pick up from your hotel in downtown Xi’an then driving to Terra cotta army museum. One of the world’s greatest archaeological finds, the Terracotta Warriors were discovered quite by chance in 1974 by a group of peasants who were digging a well on the outskirts of Xi’an. These sculptures of soldiers, chariots and horses were funerary statues made to accompany China’s first emperor, Qin Shi Huang, to the afterlife. The soldiers all vary in rank, posture, height, uniform and facial features and it is believed that there are still thousands of warriors, and hundreds of horses and chariots, still buried in the three pits discovered so far. Then you will follow your guide to visit the Xi'an art and crafts ceramics factory where you will see how the terracotta armies are made.

After lunch transfer to visit the Banpo Neolithic Village. The settlement was surrounded by a moat, with the graves and pottery kilns located outside of the moat perimeter. Many of the houses were semisubterranean with the floor typically a metre below the ground surface. The houses were supported by timber poles and had steeply pitched thatched roofs. Artefacts recovered at Banpo indicate that the society here followed a matriarchal structure.

What is included:
Shuttle bus fee
Entrance tickets
Hotel Pick-up and drop-off
Air-conditioned tour coach
English Speaking tour guide
Traditional Chinese cuisine lunch

What is not included:
Tips to the guide and driver
Other expenses

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