Cork, Ireland

Cork Pub Odyssey

with Aidan C.

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Aidan C.
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The best thing about Cork is it's pub scene!

It is in the pubs that all the life blood of the city pulses; like the salons of Enlightenment-era Paris, the pubs are the sites of pseudo-philosophical discussions, quick-witted banter, and a love for one's fellow man. But in a city with more pubs than you can shake a stick at, it can be hard to find the diamonds in the rough. I can show you the best bars, each one unique in it's own way, allowing you to truly experience what Cork is all about.

I will meet you in the evening and we will sample the best pubs that the city has to offer. Some of these pubs are rarely frequented by tourists and are local and intimate, so groups for this experience cannot be much larger than 4 persons. In a city with monumental numbers of craft beers available, I can advise you about the best ones based on your taste, as well as pointing out the local brews. Between the pubs I can provide you with an overview of the history of the city, while I can also advise you about the best restaurants to eat for the remainder of your stay.

This experience is not one of the big, messy boisterous pub crawls often found at international hostels, but a pleasantly paced intimate pub crawl with an Irish friend, with good conversation along the way. Come embrace Cork with me!

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Aidan C.

I'm originally a Dubliner who came to Cork 3 years ago and fell in love with the city! I've an undergraduate degree in history and archaeology, with an especial interest in Roman history and French history. I just completed my MA in Applied Psychology, submitting a thesis about the psychological effects of hangovers! My real interest though is in the area of positive psychology, particularly the science of human happiness. I have traveled widely through Europe and South East Asia; I worked in Vietnam teaching English for a while. Pseudo-philosopher, lover of people, and embracer of life :-) Full profile Leave a Review