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Scott's Pizza Tours

Visit New York's most venerable pizzerias while analyzing the history, economics, science and technology that influenced them. We stop at three pizzerias and several Points of Pizza Interest for a look at the city's vast pizza landscape. After eating a slice at each stop, we'll analyze how their ovens drive crust texture, cheese selection and overall pizza style.

We've been featured on the Travel Channel, Cooking Channel, Food Network, Discovery Channel and tons of local stations!

You get a slice at each stop AND your own Pizza Tour Survival Kit!

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Scott's Pizza Tours

With Scott's Pizza Tours, you'll get a complete New York pizza experience that will rouse your love of the slice whether you're from the other side of the globe or a native New Yorker. Designed by pizza enthusiast Scott Wiener, our tours take you beneath the crust of common pizza knowledge. Scott's love of pizza has taken him on countless pizza hunts throughout New York's five boroughs. When the limited seating in his car became a problem, Scott rented a big yellow school bus to accommodate twenty-six of his hungriest friends and relatives. Now you can join our guides on "New York's Cheesiest Guided Tour," complete with exciting fun facts and slices at the city's best pizzerias. Each tour is unique, so be prepared for an adventure that will take your taste buds to new heights! Scott does not lead every tour, but all of our guides are licensed and trained to dish out slices of pizza AND information on the streets of New York. Full profile

4 Reviews

Stephanie W.

Scottt's PIzza Tour was outstanding! This review is actually for the Greenwich Village Pizza Walk with Joe. Scott does a majority of the tours but also has great guides like Joe helping out. This was a fun and interactive way to learn more about New York and of course, the pizza slices didn't hurt. I highly recommend this tour for locals and visitors alike.


What an amazing tour! Joe is such an passionate person about pizza History! Friendly, Funny and Smily ! Walking around Greenwich is so peaceful, especially on a sunny day :-) It was a birthday present for me, and I just loved it! I had the best pizza in my life at Kesté that I actually went back their for dinner with my friend. Thank you Joe ! I would definitely recommend this tour to my friends.

James B.

Everyone on the NYC Pizza Walk team was super knowledgable and made this a fantastic tour! We got 3 huge free slices (which was plenty) tons about NY pizza history, met some of the people that make the pizza industry tick. Really fun and highly recommended!

Jeff Tastes

Scott is the King of pizza tours, and tours in general. Definitely a must-go for locals and visitors to NYC.

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