Reviews for Crosstown Pizza Walk


What an amazing tour! Joe is such an passionate person about pizza History! Friendly, Funny and Smily ! Walking around Greenwich is so peaceful, especially on a sunny day :-) It was a birthday present for me, and I just loved it! I had the best pizza in my life at Kesté that I actually went back their for dinner with my friend. Thank you Joe ! I would definitely recommend this tour to my friends.

Stephanie W.

Scottt's PIzza Tour was outstanding! This review is actually for the Greenwich Village Pizza Walk with Joe. Scott does a majority of the tours but also has great guides like Joe helping out. This was a fun and interactive way to learn more about New York and of course, the pizza slices didn't hurt. I highly recommend this tour for locals and visitors alike.

Jeff Tastes

Scott is the King of pizza tours, and tours in general. Definitely a must-go for locals and visitors to NYC.

James B.

Everyone on the NYC Pizza Walk team was super knowledgable and made this a fantastic tour! We got 3 huge free slices (which was plenty) tons about NY pizza history, met some of the people that make the pizza industry tick. Really fun and highly recommended!