Lisboa, Portugal

A Tipsy Tour of Portuguese Culture

with Zé&maria

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We will take you on a time travel through the city! Starting in Anjos and going to Graça, Alfama, Baixa, and Bica you will feel all the different moods, sounds and rhythms of the city and of the Portuguese way of life. The tour includes 5 to 6 typical drinks and a traditional steak sandwich (Bifana), all to be tasted in selected locations along the tour.

With many years of walking up and down the Lisboa hills with foreign friends and guests, Lisboa has become more than our home, it has become a way for us to share Portugal, our culture and our costumes​ with others. Perfectly balanced between the world capital it is and the little lost Portuguese​ village that it can also be, we want to share with you the love that the city represents in the souls of those who visit it, and make you a believer not only in the city but in the best that Portugal has to offer, its food, drinks, people and the Portuguese soul that is easily missed if one does not pay attention to the details that surround us.

So let us invite you to this unique tour of the city, where amongst stories and friends, you will allow the city to become part of you.

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We are two old friends with very different professional backgrounds. Between Maria's Arts studies and Airbnb experience, and Zé's Aeronautics and many years of Couchsurfing hosting, we can show you the many faces of Lisbon! We are 30 years old and although not originally from Lisbon, we have been living here for many years. We fell in love with the city for different reasons and will be able to show you why is it so easy to be passionate about this world capital! Full profile Leave a Review

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