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Pizza comes in many shapes and sizes depending on when and where a particular style developed. This tour hits three different versions of pizza from three different origin points. We'll talk about how the history and technology of each is instrumental in the resulting slice. Oh, and we'll eat all of them and we go!

The day starts with the oldest version of pizza, which is barely recognizable as such judging by today's standards. Next we try a classic Neapolitan pizza margherita with creamy mozzarella and bright tomatoes, followed by something I've only seen in Sicily and a couple tiny spots in NYC. Totally tasty!

*Check out the video above for a segment I shot that covers some of the pizzerias we visit.

You get a slice at each stop AND your own Pizza Tour Survival Kit!

Please note that the tour is actually 2.5 hours long and ends at 2pm!

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With Scott's Pizza Tours, you'll get a complete New York pizza experience that will rouse your love of the slice whether you're from the other side of the globe or a native New Yorker. Designed by pizza enthusiast Scott Wiener, our tours take you beneath the crust of common pizza knowledge. Scott's love of pizza has taken him on countless pizza hunts throughout New York's five boroughs. When the limited seating in his car became a problem, Scott rented a big yellow school bus to accommodate twenty-six of his hungriest friends and relatives. Now you can join our guides on "New York's Cheesiest Guided Tour," complete with exciting fun facts and slices at the city's best pizzerias. Each tour is unique, so be prepared for an adventure that will take your taste buds to new heights! Scott does not lead every tour, but all of our guides are licensed and trained to dish out slices of pizza AND information on the streets of New York. Full profile Leave a Review

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