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Ankur P.
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Being a Jaipurite is loaded with fun...on traffic signal you can see a bullock cart and Jaguar together waiting for green signal....city with a perfect match of 17th Century and 20th century. You will find people having butter milk with Burgers...a rare combination or you can see a lady in dressed in traditional attire driving luxury cars, talking on Iphone...or playing Candy crush.

Come together we will explore the hidden Jaipur and awesome taste of Jaipur

Namaskar Khamagani

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Ankur P.

Namaskar Khamagani I am Ankur Pareek I am a jaipurite...an ex banker turned into roadster...come together we will explore the hidden Jaipur and hidden taste of Jaipur. Namaskar Khamagani Full profile Leave a Review