Saint Julian's, Malta

Rooftop Terrace Yoga + Wine or Juice

with Emily S.

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Emily S.
Style: Zen

One of the reasons I moved to Malta was to find the perfect space to practice my yoga, Pilates, and fitness from the comfort of my own home. I found that space, and now I'd love to share it with you! Join me for an hour-long yoga session, adapted to your specific needs, followed by local wine or juice. Where possible, I love to make the session either sunset or sunrise, the prettiest times of day here. My terrace is along a main road, so it's very easy to find, but also protected and comfortable. I've taken care to decorate it in a warm, fun way. We'll light candles as the sun sets and light incense as it rises! I love chatting with my guests after the practice, answering any questions they have about yoga, Pilates, or fitness. I like getting to learn about my guests. Inevitably, we end up sharing whatever hilarious stories come up (as they always seem to do). Guests of any age, stage, or phase are welcome.

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Emily S.

I am the quintessential "multi-passionate entrepreneur," a girl with many interests and the energy to pursue them all! Luckily, I've got dual American-Irish (EU) citizenship to support me. I am currently living in Malta, working as a Pilates and yoga instructor, journalist, event planner for the EU Council, and myriad of other odd jobs. I spend whatever time I can volunteering with Tal Kultua arts community and teaching yoga at an eating disorder clinic. I adore hyper-local travel. I am absolutely delighted to offer my rooftop terrace as a hyper-local travel opportunity for visitors to my new Maltese home. Full profile Leave a Review