Bangkok, Thailand

Trek Indochine With a Camera

with Nabil K.

Nabil K.

This workshop is specifically designed for those that want to experience the mystical destinations of Indochina whilst improving their travel photography skills. We provide hands-on lessons on technique, composition and equipment.

We will start our journey in Bangkok, a modern international city with many colorful attractions and travel through northern Thailand following the Chao Phraya river north till Chiang Mai. We then travel east to Chiang Rei to the mouth of the mighty Mekong River where we will sail for Luang Prabang, Laos; moving south-west we will travel through Laos and cross into Vietnam. Traveling by train in Vietnam to the Mekong Delta, we will traverse some of the most spectacular sights you have ever seen. From Vietnam we will cross into Cambodia and follow the Tonle Sap River all the way up to the source. You will also have an opportunity to offer your own photographic interpretation of one of the most photographed sites in the world - Angkor Wat. From Siem Reap, we will cross into South-east Thailand and make our way back to Bangkok where you recuperate, process pictures and unwind, before returning home.

This tour covers some of the most photogenic sites in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. We have also included 2 festivals for you to participate in and observe. You will come home with amazing photos and memories of the people and their lives as you visit as you document your journey through temples, pagodas, monasteries, cities, villages and farms.

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