Cusco, Peru

Life Healing & Inca Ceremony in Cusco

with Jessica

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Style: Educational, Wholesome, Zen

2-DAY Package: Take with you the best of Cusco - Life Healing & Renewal - in the rich Inca spiritual tradition. Jessica, Inca High Priestess & Shamanic Healer, takes you to a mystical sacred site in Cusco’s countryside to benefit from this personalized package.

Connect with your soul, Mother Earth and spirit guides to journey within to heal, let go of what no longer serves you, connect with your essence and desires to turn your visions into realities.

2-DAY Package:

DAY ONE 2 1/2 hr: Life Healing Session to gain clarity about what is blocking you in your life, the patterns that need to be let go of and what you need to do to open the door to what you truly desire. The process is at the mental, energetic & spiritual levels with techniques Jessica chooses for you by intuition that include but are not limited to Inca healing techniques.

DAY TWO 2 1/2 hr: First, Envision Session to gain clarity about what you want to call into your life. After that, welcome the next chapter of your life, one you create according to your deepest desires and insights gained during the session by participating in an authentic Inca Thanksgiving Ceremony.
The Ceremony is a token of gratitude to Mother Earth & Mountain Spirits. A bundle is made with elements of nature that hold the vibration of growth and power, flowers and other items that hold life affirming meaning. In order to receive gifts from Pachamama and our spirit guides we need to participate of the cycle of giving, receiving & gratitude. Inca prayers will be made for your health, harmonious relationships, work, wellness & prosperity.

• Elements to make the Inca Ceremony. 
• Taking you to the ceremony site and back to Cusco downtown (Plaza de Armas) by a combination of car transportation and moderate walk on both days.
• Bonus! Visit to Inca temple located near the sacred area where ceremony takes place.

**NO plant medicine involved

** INSTANT BOOK for 1st Day as 2nd Day is on the following calendar day

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Jessica Cornejo Gallegos is an Inca High Priestess, Shamanic Healer Guide & Heart Purpose Mentor and founder of Alturas Shining Light Spiritual Journeys. She provides transformational group and private programs to awakening women and leads sacred journeys to the land of the Incas, Cusco-Peru. She is co-author of the book ¨The Path of the Priestess: Discover Your Divine Purpose¨ and a Reiki Master with a B.Sc. in Nursing. Currently, Jessica and her husband Peter, also an Inca Priest, offer ancestral Inca ceremonies in sacred Inca sites and Amazonian shamanic plant medicine ceremonies. Jessica supports and guides women all over the world to transform their lives and to embody their sacred life purpose by aligning with Pachamama, their hearts, their souls and the Divine. Full profile Leave a Review

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