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Gagan S.
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Namaste! I see many foreigners visiting India in an attempt to explore what India means actually. They either get to see the fancy side of this country or end up with a guess work. I won’t take you to five star hotels and pubs. With me, I will take you on a ride where you will feel how it is to be an Indian so you keep your cameras on! We will begin a day with typical Indian Breakfast and start knowing Indian life. I will explain and show you at my home how typical Indian household daily lives begin with, from getting access to drinking water to obtaining vegetables for households, then visit to Indian Ayurvedic Centre, one of the world’s oldest healing systems, you will have a full body massage or head massage and many other therapies, as per your choice. Visit an old age home located inside this centre, get an overview how it works and meet some of them. We leave for a local railway station. Ride on these packed trains, get down on a station, get a joy ride on an Indian auto rikshaw and reach one of the most prominent Sikh house of worship, Bangla Sahib. Thenafter, visit most famous markets called Janpath. You can buy Indian handicrafts and garments at cheap rates. Back home and enjoy Indian tea with snacks. Peep into the live kitchen with my wife and prepare some delicious north Indian food. We have a dinner with Indian liquor along with light Indian music. Next day, we head towards the micro industry, learn how billions of labour class people earn their bread. I can assure you will a find a whole new world inside this nation when I take you inside their lives. From there, we go to an authentic Indian food court and eat south Indian food. Then visit two different styles of Indian sweet shops, one a contemporary one and another old authentic style. Come back home and we will tie a maharaja turban and take few selfies as a lasting memories. We will have a good Indian dinner and I hope by this time, this whole experience has become a tattoo on your soul. Namaste!

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Gagan S.

What makes me unique in your journey to discover India is that I have worked with two extreme different parts of the world which an average person doesn’t get to. I have worked with many foreign nationals when I was working with companies like Dell, Mircrosoft and Cisco. That gave me know how on their culture, lifestyle, their method of approach to different social domains and so on. On the other hand, I have devoted great time working with labour class section of India where most of them live below the poverty line. I have seen two different isolated worlds which people don’t get to see and know each other in a society as they are both divided by hard line. So, I become a bridge for both ends of this world to know each other. When I explain one part of this society about the other, interesting facts come up. What may be a challenge for you but just another day for the other part of world and many more things which will make you crazy and it will be a fun! So, join me for interesting facts of this Indian society! Namaste! Full profile Leave a Review

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