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So, I've created this experience thinking about our city's main historical places. It was specially designed for families and those who particularly enjoy history and art. I want to provide you with relaxed visits to buildings such as the Fortress of the Three Wise Men, which gave rise to Natal around four hundred years ago, or even to more modern constructions, like the first Brazilian spaceport. The ideia is to give a broad insight into Natal's story, what can involve getting to Câmara Cascudo Museum, our City Park (beautiful sightseeing), Art and Craft Center and our historical Chile Street. I can also provide transport with my own car (Toyota Etios 2014, 5 seats), photographs, and in the end we can even arrange some nice native food in a good restaurant!

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Hi there! I'm a Brazilian guy who really appreciates travelling around and meeting new people from everywhere. I studied for a year in Liverpool, UK, where I've become fluent in english (but I'm sure you're going to understand me since I didn't acquire Liverpool's accent, although I wish I had). Also I'm currently learning spanish. I've been to a bunch of different places with incredible people, such as Iceland, USA, Morocco, Argentina, Greece, and the list keeps rolling. Always being back to Natal, it's a great pleasure to show others this amazing city and its particular people whom I admire so much. I'm quite proud of my sunny land in many ways, from its stunning beaches to our lovely warm culture - and nightlife I have to say! Oh, I'm also very interested in photography, so (hopefully) great pics await us! Full profile Leave a Review