Heidelberg, Germany

Heidelberg Castle Illumination Event

with Leon R.

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Leon R.
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After dark in Heidelberg:

Three times a year the famous Castle Illumination takes place in Heidelberg. It's a very popular event which is visited by tourists as well as by locals. It is always combined with a grand display of fireworks and is a memorizable experience.

I will serve as your guide in this tour offering different options and places to watch the event.

You can choose between the historic city center nearby the river which is full of action and full of people watching the event. Another place to watch would be a "secret place" which is for sure not crowded at all - or even the castle itself?

I offer a variety of options, the best places to watch the event from, transfers from/to your hotel and also some food and beverages.

It depends on you if you want to make this an romantic experience, if you want to become part of the crowd enjoying the great athmosphere or if you just want a great place to take the best photos of the event.

Experience my guidence and experience at one of the most exciting days in Heidelberg within the year.


The tour will take 2-3 hours and start at about 08:30 in the evening (20:30).

The price is as always negotiatable and dependant on the kind of food our service you ecpect.

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