Lyon, France

Gourmet Tour of Les Halles Paul Bocuse

with Clémence

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Imagine a fresh and golden baguette fresh out of the oven, filling the air with lovely aromas. Listen to what a piece of comté cheese and a piece of brie would say if they looked at each other and asked: although we come from the same milk, why are we so different? Discover the story of an apprentice, young and in love, who wrapped romantic notes around chocolates for his sweetheart, and, in so doing, invented the papillotte…

Once upon a time, there was Lyon gastronomy: family traditions, old recipes transmitted from generation to generation, regional products Gastronomy is a matter of sensations. It speaks to everyone, whatever one’s origin or field of expertise. Your local guide will bring you to the Halles de Lyon: listen, feel and taste what makes Lyon the capital of gastronomy.

The tour lasts approximately 2 hours and includes stops for tastings: three types of Lyon sausage (Rosette, Jésus, Saucisson de Lyon) along with a glass of wine from Bobosse , two cheeses from the Mons cheese monger, and a sablé (shortbread cookie) with praline candy from the Jocteur stand. Your guide will end the tour by giving a Lyon coussin treat to each visitor.

This tour for small groups of up to 10 people allows visitors to chat with the guide and to share their experiences and sensations as they taste and visit!

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Originally from the region of Lyon, I was first interested by art and history. After several years spent abroad (Mexico, Canada, Italy, UK,...) I became more interested in what makes our cultures so different, and what make our french (and lyonnaise!) culture so specific. Now, I am passionate about my city, my culture, and I love to talk about it ! My 2 favorite things in the city : - Walking in the Vieux-Lyon early in the morning. The renaissance area is a gorgeous place, but it can be quite crowded some times. If you are brave enough to wake up early and start the tour around 8am, you will enjoy a unique experience, that looks more like time travel than anything else ! - History and Food tour of Lyon. Well what is best than enjoying the most beautiful architecture and savoring the most delicious food ?. . . I know what's best : doing it with friends ! Full profile Leave a Review

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