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Explore Unique Beijing Hutongs (Alleys)

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Do you want to explore some local unique places other than the postcard-like famous attractions? If the answer is yes, this trip would be a good choice for you especially if you feel lost in translation... Beijingners say Hutongs are the soul of Beijing lives. They love walking along the narrow ancient alleys from Qing Dynasty. These are the places old friends hang out and catch up with each other and then join each other for a special "hidden (because they are hard to find)" restaurants in those alleys. Nanluoguxiang is one of the well kept ancient business alleys systems. It harbors a major road, and from this road extends many narrow alleys, which hosts free folk art museums, small shops for traditional crafts, food, furniture, and other traditional utilities. Several royal yards are also hidden in these alleys, where people can still peek the old but expensive designs of the gates. It is also interesting to see how people still living in these old places. When you walk from the modern part of Beijing to these old alleys, it is like traveling in time.

I fell in love with the unique legacies that Beijing has to offer and would love to share my knowledge for the culture associated with these places with whoever also interested in getting to know about them. If needed, I can pick you up from the place you stayed and we can take the subway, the fastest way to navigate in Beijing. When we get to Nanluoguxiang, we will walk through the interesting shops and old mansions locations. I will explain to you in English about the history as well as the meanings associated with these crafts as well as the stories and decorations on the mansion gates. I will also introduce you to some local-beloved snacks and tiny restaurants. When you find a "hidden restaurant" that you would like a try, we can eat there. In addition, if you book afternoon tour, we will also walk along the Houhai Park to have a night view of Beijingner's night life.

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