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Testaccio Culture and Flavours Tour

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Claudia P.
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The district Testaccio, located on the right shore of the Tiber river, is one of the most authentic neighbourhoods of Rome, rich of history and archaeological evidences. This is the district where “cucina romana” (Roman cuisine) was born, famed for the many typical restaurants offering a variegated range of Roman dishes and for its lively food market. During Roman times here was located the main fluvial port of Ancient Rome , the "Emporium". In a short time the district became the busy commercial centre of Imperial Rome and was endowed with warehouses for the storage of goods arriving from the port of Ostia via Tiber River. An artificial mound, called "Monte Testaccio" was formed with the "testae", fragments of broken amphorae dating from the time of the Roman Empire, which gave the name to the district. Later new building were constructed, including a monumental Piramid, called the “Piramide Caestia” and a massive wall circuit, the Aurelian wall. We will explore the main Roman monuments and ruins of the district in the light of recent archaeological discoveries. Finally we will take a walk into the new market area to experience the genuine homemade Roman dishes prepared with great care by the vendors of the many street food stands of the market. You will taste the delicious hand- cut ham and mozzarella di bufala balls from Enzo and Lina stand, the exquisite famed “panini” with boiled beef meet (alla picchiapò) and “trippa alla romana” from Sergios’s “Mordi and Vai” stand , the tasty Sicilian “cannoli” from “ Dess’ Art” of Costanza Fortuna and , for wine lovers, a glass of homemade genuine Italian wine from the popular Orazio’s stand is a must!
The tour lenght including the visit to the new market area is of about three hours.

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Claudia Pinci is a specialist in Roman Archaeology and a licensed official tour guide of Rome.. She is actually a collaborator of MoLA (Museum of London Archaeology Service) and of the Soprintendenza Archeologica di Roma in research and archaeological excavations. During my guided tours you can experience hidden places of Ancient Rome and its surroundings in depth immerging yourself in the atmosphere of a mythical past full of legends and epic. I like to work with small groups of travellers as I believe that the most important ingredient for a successful tour is to establish a good communication with each of you. To answer your questions, curiosities and reflexions about the topics with meet during ours journey of discovery of a place, including local traditional cuisine, wine and restaurants." Full profile Leave a Review

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