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Terry D.
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Green chile, sunsets, roadrunners and artists. New Mexico is known for a number of things and art is one of them. Almost 10% of the population works in something related to art or culture. Heck, you can hardly drive a mile without seeing an artistic expression of some kind. Galleries are abundant in New Mexico, but if you want to see the workspaces of some of New Mexico’s creatives, this is the tour for you. As an artist and past curator, I know many of the artists in Albuquerque on a first name basis and can bring you to several studios during this 3 hour tour.

Where we stop will depend on the artist’s availability, but we will visit artists with a variety of styles, mediums and studios. Learn what makes them tick, about their creative process and ask what it’s like to be an artist in New Mexico. As I take you to the studios, we’ll pass through a number of Albuquerque neighborhoods.

We’ll fuel our tour with a stop in a scenic spot for a thermos of New Mexican Pinion coffee and some biscochitos (traditional New Mexican cookies).

Please try to let me know 48 hours in advance so I can make arrangements with the artists. And I have a small car, so I can comfortably fit 3 people, 4 if someone is small!

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Terry D.

With one foot in the natural world and one foot in the artist world, I have found a perfect balance in New Mexico. Although I pursued wildlife science and environmental communication as a career, creating art has been a way for me to capture the natural places and wild animals I love. Since moving to Albuquerque in 2001, I have toggled between the two careers and often they blend perfectly together. Soon after undergraduate school, I worked on bird research in Panama. During the afternoon siestas, I would pick up my art materials and visually record the colorful birds I studied each morning. Since then, I have traveled repeatedly back to Central America, the Amazon basin, France, and Switzerland in search of striking new subjects. In addition to creating my own artwork, I have published the book award-winning book, “Art of the National Parks”, curated shows in the Albuquerque area, have a global ecotourism startup business, and have organized group trips to Panama, Africa and Spain. I adore meeting new people and love sharing New Mexico with others. You are likely to get a mix of artistic information, natural history information, and insider Albuquerque tips when you spend a few hours with me! I hope you will come away with a sense of why I find this area endlessly fascinating. Full profile Leave a Review

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