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Hoboken - "The Sixth Borough"

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Alison Rose
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The invention of baseball? The birthplace of crooner Frank Sinatra? The home of TLC's Cake Boss? The invention of the zipper (can you imagine life with only buttons)? The best homemade mozzarella this side of the Atlantic? The set for the movie 'The Waterfront'? The inspiration for one of the most famous rallying cries of WWI? And the best view of Manhattan? Those are just some of the things the Mile Square City of Hoboken, NJ can brag about.

Often called the honorary "Sixth Borough" of NYC, the charming city is located just minutes from Manhattan and is filled with centuries of American innovation, stories of scandal, unique photo ops, and some of the best Italian food outside of Italy. Please join me for a two hour walking tour through The 'Boken to explore the Mile Square!

(If you don't find a time that works for you under the Instant Booking tab or if you need to specialize a tour please shoot me a message and let's work something out!)

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Alison Rose

Hello! I am a California country gal who transplanted herself to New York City at the age of 17 and quickly fell in love with my new city. From day one I have enjoyed exploring all of its nooks and crannies, learning its history, getting to know folks from all cultures and backgrounds in the city's global melting pot, and enjoying the unique foods the city has to offer. When not giving tours I am an actor musician, a job which has taken me around the USA (including three national tours!) and sparked a love of travel within myself. Over the years I have traveled through Europe, parts of Africa, and South America, as well as a bit of Asia. As a tour guide I try to incorporate my love of travel to help me understand what my guests may be looking for. I am a lover of history, of photography (I am always on the look out for an awesome photo op!), and a fun time enjoying the city. One final thing about me, a few years ago I was diagnosed as Celiac - something which completely shook my world as a foodie - but which has led me to not only find some delicious gluten free spots in the city but has also opened my eyes to the complications of travel when one has any slight restriction or disability. I am a licensed tour guide with the city of NYC and am proud to be able to boast that I am one of the highest scorers on the city's test. Currently I am offering a handful of unique tours that I haven't found other tour guides offering - one of HOBOKEN, NJ (aka the "The Sixth Borough" and the home of Frank Sinatra, the Cake Boss, and the invention of Baseball) and a RUNNING TOUR of Lower Manhattan to Central Park. Both of my tours can be customized for your interested. I can also put together tours for many individual interests, please contact me if you are looking for anything specific! Full profile Leave a Review

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