Granada, Spain

Morning Tea Walking Tour of Albayzin!

with Gaby

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Do you have a short time to visit Granada? Do you wish to cover as much as possible in a relatively short time?
Start your day in Albayzin with MORNING TEA tour. Enjoy a coffee or tea accompanied with a spanish "tostada" with olive oil and tomato or butter, a dash of history, culture and arts.
The labyrinthine Albayzin is one of the oldest district in Europe still standing, and is also almost a self-contained town in itself, whose popular intimate and welcoming character has been preserved for over a thousand years.
Let's to take a walk around its narrows streets , little squares, tea shops, hills and tucked-away spots reminiscence of north Africa and old Mediterranean towns!
These are tailor-made ​​tours.
What does it mean? It means that besides being private tours where you and your party are going accompanied only by me, we will go at your own march.
If you want to stop, sample tapas or see the landscape, we will stop.
If you want to see all the city in a day because you must continue your journey, GREAT

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I am Gabriela and I am very proud of this beautiful city and happy to share my knowledge with travelers from around the world. I love Granada and Andalucia, the ancient history and mythology of its cities and towns, its changing landscape, full of mountains, forests and streams. All provinces of Andalucia have singularities that make them unique and special, but for me among all there is no other like GRANADA for the sinuosity of its narrow streets and neighborhoods, the majestic and almost heavenly presence of the Sierra Nevada, the sensual magic of his lush nights. Granada is not just a historical city where sightseeing. The fact of being a town with an important University gives it a youthful spirit that fills anyone who visits. There is no day that I can't get excited when I walk through the streets and suddenly, unexpectedly the Alhambra appears, the fortress of the talking walls and singing waters, one of the monuments with more soul in the world, whose rough stone keeps in its most sublime inner beauty. And what I like most is that I can share these feelings and engage with all those who always want new experiences and thus enrich their restless spirits. My over 10 years experience leading mostly private tours has shown me that nowadays travelers aren't just looking forward to see the sights, but they also want to approach the city they are visiting in a more personable way. So I have learned to be a mix of the traditional tourguide that knows everything about the city history and sites, and a local expert that can also show you other things not strictly-touristy. I Studied and trained to receive my degree in Tourism in 1993. As your private tour guide, I'm flexible and adapt to your schedule, activities and meeting place . Please let me know about any special request you have. Granada inherited the charm of Al-Andalus, come and enjoy your visit without missing a thing! ALL THE ALHAMBRA TICKETS ARE INCLUDES IN PRICE!!!! All you need are comfortable shoes and I'll take care of the rest. . . EASY Full profile Leave a Review

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