Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires Culture-Private Tour

with Liz Andrea R Ba P.

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Liz Andrea R Ba P.
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We are going to meet for a 4 hours or 6 hours tour.
4 hours can be by walking-covering 50% of the city.
4 hours can be by car-covering most of the city.
6 hours the "ideal tour" by car to cover as much as you can from the city and also stop for walking insider.
This is a wonderful option for first time visitors who wants to have an idea of our city to explore by themselves after that.
We can also meet for a " concierge service" of 1.30hs at a local coffee to give the info to continue by yourself.
Cost are totally different.
My booking will reflect the cheaper option of a concierge service of 1.30hs at a coffee to give the personalized info with history background. In order to book the rest of the activities I need to know it in advance to block the full day and transportation per your request.

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Liz Andrea R Ba P.

Local " Porteña" born in Buenos Aires. Tango Dancer. Certificated Tour Guide. Provide english local private tours since 2004 by myself and my partner. Contact: LIZ2ARG AT YAHOO DOT COM Offer a high quality private tours customized experience. Hall of fame in Trip Advisor. And love to provide work to local entrepreneurs. All of us are! Graduated at Economics University of Buenos Aires+Tour Guide Studies. Certificated Tango Specialization, Jewish Certificated Authorizations, Certificated Personal Shopper, Tango Dancer Assistant. I started with a BLOG: LIZFLOR2 AT BLOGSPOT DOT COM from where my passion became my work and if I grow I like to give work to other talented local certificated guides. Focus on PRIVATE TOURS QUALITY SERVICE CUSTOMIZED Have worked at : -US Embassy in Buenos Aires -American Joint Committee -Valle Nevado Ski Resort Chile Have lived an travel: 5 years in Chile living and working. 1 year in Europe as a traveller. Visit all those countries: United States many times, Brasil, Peru, Mexico, Chile, Uruguay, all Europe, Cuba, Israel. I do understand where you come from to adapt and enjoy the local culture without loosing the professional knowledge to optimize your trip! Enjoy local sightseeing. local stops for food and drink. local art. touristic and not touristic places. outside the city. tango nights. politics and economy of our country to get a real cultural inmersion and learn about southamerica! Full profile Leave a Review

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