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Queens Street Art Tour

with Jeremy W.

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Jeremy W.
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Before the Bushwick Collective, NYC's primary graffiti & street art mecca was 5Pointz in Queens. In its wake, new art collectives have sprung up, making western Queens the best-kept secret for street art in NYC! Come discover Queens on a tour that you will not forget!

From the artist haven of Long Island City to the Socrates Sculpture Park and the Welling Court Murals, there is so much to see. On this expansive walking tour, we will explore several areas near the Queens waterfront, stopping to see all of the great art the area's streets have to offer.

The tour will start in Long Island City, where street artists are working to keep the 5Pointz legacy alive... still covering buildings top to bottom in amazing art! As we explore this area, you will see its history and future colliding. Then, we venture to nearby Gantry State Park, which offers some of the best skyline views in the entire city. It is here also that you will discover NYC's most curious landmark. From there, we will travel up by ferry to western Astoria, where you will discover the growing Welling Court Mural project-- a neighborhood-wide outdoor gallery of street art-- and the Socrates Sculpture Park. There will be ample opportunities for photos throughout.

This is a great tour for urban explores, artists, and photographers!

Tour fee includes a ferry ride back to Manhattan, or you may choose to stay in Queens and keep exploring!

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Jeremy Wilcox is a licensed tour guide through the NYC Dept of Consumer Affairs, and a lifelong New Yorker. He specializes in off-the-beaten-path walking tours for those looking for the oft-missed parts of New York City. Whether you've only been here once, or a dozen times, there are countless of amazing sites and neighbors to explore for the first time. Even most New Yorkers do not get around to seeing them all. My goal is to help you discover these hidden treasures, from the perspective of an enthusiastic veteran. Full profile Leave a Review

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