Reviews for Scout for Street Art

Toby P.

Russell's tour was interesting and engaging and I learned a lot. The 3 hours we spent walking the Mission flew by as we saw wall after wall of amazing street art. Russell is very knowledgeable about SF street art as well as the street art scene in general. I would highly recommend taking his tour and seeing all that the Mission has to offer!

Morten F.

I didn't participate in Russell's tour myself as it was a wedding gift for my littlebrother. Russell was very nice to communicate with. Fast replies with good information. And he kept the gift a secret until the wedding :) From my littlebrothers feedback, the tour was very interesting and took them interesting places in the city they wouldn't have found themselves. Can definitely recommend him.

Alon C.

Amazing experience! Russell was engaging and informative and tailored the experience to our small group. Will absolutely be recommending to everyone!

Maryam M.

I highly recommend this tour! My 17 year old niece was visiting from overseas and selected this tour. We both enjoyed it tremendously. Russell really knows his stuff, and is friendly and easygoing to boot. I am a lifelong SF resident and I learned so much about my own city and the rich artistic history of street art in the Mission. 5 stars for sure!

Peleg I.

Hi, I wanted to highly recommend the tour with Russel for anyone who is interested in Street Art in San Francisco. My wife and I found the tour to be extremely informative, interesting, fun and unique as it brought all of the urban surroundings to life with Russel's amazing stories and interesting context as to every piece of art he showed us. Russel is a great guide, story teller and customized the tour so it would fit our personal preferences. I understand he has several different tours in SF so we will definitely go on additional ones with Russel.

Kirsten B.

We had 3 great hours with Russell in the mission district. Russell is friendly, kind, with a great sense of humor and he knows EVERYTHING about streetart. He went straight to our heart and mind! Thank you Russell!!!

Ron G.

Great experience. Russell was very knowledgeable about the street art in the Mission District. A fun Saturday morning!

Anya M.

Fantastic, insightful, exciting- can't say enough good things about this tour! Russell is very down-to-earth and knowledgeable about the art and artists. He navigates the nuances and various view points around the street are in a thoughtful way. I also appreciated how personal the tour felt in our small group of 3.

Pam W.

Best tour ever! My 18 year old son and I loved it. The history, the stories, the inside scoop, the art, the artists, the neighbors, the architecture, the playground, the alleys, the Guide. Russell was interesting, informative, insightful, and fun. I highly recommend this tour. And I learned a lot! Inspired me to learn more. Fascinating new world.

Anne D.

Russel really knows the subject History, artists, pieces, Great quality tour If you like street art a must do

Anne D.

Russel really knows the subject History, artists, pieces, Great quality tour If you like street art a must do


Wow, it looks so modern

Andreas P.

Had a great solo street art tour with Russel Howze in the mission district. He was informative and very knowledgable. We strolled align taking good time to talk about the history of the neighbourhood art scene and great details about the different pieces since he knows many of the local artists personally. Can warmly recommend it!


Our group loved the tour, Russell was extremely knowledgeable and engaging. We only had an hour and a half for the tor but wish we had more time with him as it was so good. I highly recommend.

Gila C.

We took a 3 hours tour with Russel. It was a wonderful experience. Russel was very knowledgeable, and his guidance was facinating, easy going and made the 3 hours fly. We walked the alleys that we otherwise would never go there and saw the many faces that Mission District offers. We strongly recommend this tour as a way to explore a different angle of San Francisco.

Casey C.

This is an off-the-beaten trail unique San Francisco experience you can't miss. Russell is an incredibly knowledgable and cool guide who gives you a relaxed tour at your own pace. He's met, and knows personally, many of the artists that he shows on the street and gives you insight into that world with its undercurrents and unwritten stories and laws. Since the tour, it's been fun to begin to really see all of this art that I had previously just walked by!


Russell was a great and knowledgeable guide on my tour of the Tenderloin last weekend. Some really fabulous, large murals in this neighborhood, which is definitely a neighborhood in transition. Russell gave great background on the art and the area, and is clearly passionate about his work. Recommended!

Tyrrell S.

Russell was a super legit street art guide! I always felt comfortable on the tour, knew I was seeing the art the way it should be seen, and with an insider who truly appreciates all the gems on the tour. Highly recommended!

Michelle K.

This was a great tour! San Francisco has lots of interesting street art and Russell is super knowledgeable about it and a great tour guide - really flexible and helpful. This is a really fun thing to do on a free afternoon in SF.