Reviews for Scout for Street Art

Rosemary H.

I was looking for something different to do that would interest a group ranging in age from 18 to 60 years old. This fit the bill perfectly. Russell is a great tour guide. Enthusiastic, articulate and well-informed. We were a group of 5 and took a weekend tour. Russell was reliable, met us at the agreed upon spot at the agreed upon time. I would do this tour again.

Julie P.

I highly recommend this experience! We had a fantastic time with Russell. Being an artist himself, Russell is passionate and knowledgeable about all forms of street art. The tour is well-curated: you will get to see and learn about a wide range of pieces and street art history in general. The tour is great for both Bay Area denizens and out-of-town visitors. My eyes have been opened, and I now not only see street art in all the places I never noticed before, but I can appreciate it as well. Thanks Russell!

Martha W.

This tour was excellent. Russell was very knowledgeable, passionate, answered many questions and took us to lots of streets filled with street art where we were able to see fantastic art. We managed to book him last minute just for the 4 of us. Fully recommended.

Jeff A.

Russell gave us a fantastic tour - he is the ultimate street art historian with many interesting stories and perspectives. We loved it. And he took us on the hottest August 15 in SF history. Don't miss Russell's version of San Francisco!

Lisa C.

Looks like so much fun!


We just returned from San Francisco where one of the highlights was the street art tour we did with Russell - despite the drizzle that day. Communication with Russell via Vayable was easy and he was very flexible about date and time and number of participants. We met him with his bike in front of a cafe and after a brief introduction to San Francisco's history he took us through the streets of the Mission district and showed us a vast selection of different types of murals and graffiti, which we would not have found on our own and definitely not within the limited time we had available. Our favorites were the Edificio de Mujeres and the large black and white Santana mural ... AMAZING ! Russell was super friendly and easy going. Thank you, Russell !

Ismail M.

Looks exciting!


What a great tour! Russell really knows his stuff. Very informative and fun. At the end of the three hours, I left with loads of great pictures and plans to take another tour with Russell the next time I'm back in town!

Abraham L.

Great experience! Russell was a wonderful tour guide who freely shared his knowledge of San Francisco and its street art. I went on both his Mission and Tenderloin/South of Market neighborhood tours. He found interesting art on nearly every block. The street art scene is constantly changing with new murals being created and old pieces being removed or replaced so I am looking forward to returning for another tour with Russell. I am a solo traveler who was in San Francisco for the weekend. Russell arranged two "custom" two hour tours for me rather than his usual three hour tour. I mentioned to Russell that I had been on a Mission area mural tour a few years ago so he altered his usual tour so we could spend our time going to see the newer art works in the area. After Russell's tours I have a greater appreciation for the street art that is all around us...from the stencils on sidewalks to the murals on the sides of multi-story buildings.

Birgitta K.

We were a big group from a Swedish museum that had a good time in the company of Russell and his expertice. By bus and foot we visited areas that the Group would not have gone to on their own and we saw installations, murals and graffiti of all kinds. A truly different experience and great fun. Birgitta BK Travel Solutions Sweden

Gary T.

Russell was an excellent guide and his enthusiasm, knowledge and passion for street art really made this walk enjoyable. It also gives you a chance to experience a more off the beaten track area of San Francisco. On the trip we saw a combination of street art, graffiti and murals. It was a great tour which I would recommend to anyone interested in street art. I have also already received my follow up email from Russell with details of the art we saw on the trip, which is greatly appreciated to help with my continued street art learning!


Russell did an amazing job touring my son and his 4 friends all over the Mission. He is a wealth of knowledge regarding the history of stenciling, graffiti, and street art in San Francisco. The boys were vibrating after 3 hours touring the alleys and nooks and crannies, hearing all of the inside scoop regarding the historical artists, as well as the up and coming new artists. In addition, Russell followed up with an email filled with suggestions for places they can get additional information, which was over the top. I highly recommend the tour for anyone interested in this genre, but even for someone just interested in a unique perspective on San Francisco it's a great way to spend 3 hours.

Shawn S.

Russell is very knowledgeable about SF Street art and this tour is really fun. We walked through alleys and streets all over the mission and never ran out of colorful, proactive and wacky creations. If you love art but want to get out of the gallery, museum scene, this is the tour for you.

Pamela T.

I had an exciting street art tour with Russell in the Mission district of San Francisco. He is full of knowledge and passion for all forms of art on the streets with an extensive backround in stencil art. He has his finger on the pulse of what's new & what's not to be missed. He is a great resource and I recommend his tour whether you know a little or a lot about street art.

Cassandra P.

Russell's tour was amazing! I was visiting my brother in Oakland and we booked a three hour walking tour with Russell. I live in Canada and have visiting the Bay Area three times, but never seen this side of the city before. Russell is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about graffiti and street art. As we weaved through The Mission district from alley to alley, Russell gave us a history lesson in the cultures, people, and politics behind street art in the city. As someone who has been involved in street art for almost 20 years, Russell is your perfect tour guide! I have been a fan of street art for years and have toured Berlin's famous graffitied walls. This is definitely a tour I would highly recommend, regardless of your knowledge of the culture. Just come prepared to take lots of pictures, see some amazing historical art pieces, and see a side of San Francisco you probably never would otherwise.


Three of us totally delighted in Russell's tour. We knew nothing about street art before the tour but by the end of the tour we could recognize different street artists, had soaked in a wide spectrum of different styles and artists, and were seeing art in sidewalk shadows and hanging shoes. This tour helped me look a little deeper and appreciate a LOT more. Well worth the time and the cash. Having taken Russell's tour will enrich my every walk around San Francisco (and other cities, of course!) and I plan to revisit sites I saw today to see how (or if) they've changed and what new things I notice. Highly highly highly recommended.

Helena L.

this tour is super cool. russell is laid back in his approach and certainly knows his stuff. i recommend this tour to street art lovers and all walks of life who visit san fran.

Kindar M.

It is a good trip if I have a time I must go with you.