Reviews for Scout for Street Art

Derrick H.

My family and I had a great time on Russell's tour! Russell was very knowledgeable about all aspects of graffiti, street art, stenciling, and murals. He explained everything very clearly, and patiently answered all of our questions. It was awesome to see the works by Banksy and other street artists, and to hear the stories behind them. I great time for all ages and all levels of street-art knowledge/experience. Highly recommended!

Eric R.

I brought my wife here for her Bday and it was incredible. The amount of enthusiasm and knowledge from Russell was incredibly. I will never look at my city or places I visit in the same way. Thanks so much Russell and if you are on the fence about this tour just book it and it will change your view point on things if you know nothing about street art or if you already know somethings and want to learn more.

David B.

INCREDIBLE TOUR, AWESOME GUIDE! But first, a little background: As an old skool raver (think flyer art), and for other reasons, I have always loved graffiti & murals, with a large collection of photos I have taken all over the world. I knew next to nothing about the artists, history, inside meanings, etc. and only recognized one of the artist names rattled off by Russell throughout the tour (guess who... it starts with a B) ... However, I had my mind blown by the beauty and humor of most of the pieces we saw! San Francisco is probably home to the coolest, most mindbending street art in the world, and I have lived here for 2.5 years, but I was still gasping with awe every 15 minutes or so at a hidden gem, or one I just never walked by. And our guide was PERFECT. A true veteran of the scene and artist himself, he was clear and detailed, incredibly knowledgeable (yet never making shit up the 2 occasions he didn't know something), warm and humorous, and sharing the same contagious passion about street art as me. We could have talked for 3 more hours after the 3 hour tour but unfortunately he had another one lined up at 4pm. He left us with lots of great resources (of all different kinds of media) to continue our own research and urban art-hunting... Opened up a really sweet Pandora's box of brain candy that I look forward to exploring. Worth every dollar. 5 stars out of 5 : )

Nancy F.

Linda V (guest Nancy F) I can't tell you how much I enjoyed yesterday and how enlightening the walk was.... I was a fish out of water when it came to street graffiti, stickers and stencils. I have a new appreciation, eye and lingo. I don't think I would ever have done that tour if it weren't for you and since public art it is overtaking the Mission, I have come to realize it has a place in our culture. It is truly a growing art form and I thank you for introducing it to us.

Nancy F.

What is so special about Russell's tour is that, afterwards, you are so much more aware of what is around you on the streets of San Francisco - you just see more! His stories about the artists and the 'scene' are fascinating and involve you in a world that is new and hip and compelling. I can't wait to do the tour again - he has so much knowledge to share. Thanks, Russell!

Stephanie C.

My best friend's parents were in town from Charleston SC and we had an amazing time going on Russell's street tour (btw Russell is a South Carolinian too--a wonderful bonding point for our group!) We covered an incredible amount of ground (physically and metaphorically) in 3 hours and Russell is an encyclopedia of knowledge on the changing street art scene in this city. Off-the-beaten path is thrown around a lot, and my first instinct is to say, don't believe it, especially if it's used to refer to the Mission. Well, I stand corrected. Russell took us off-the-beaten path in the most trodden, buzzed, blogged about, instagrammed neighborhood of SF. This is an amazing experience for a visitor or native San Franciscan--Russell will open your eyes to a whole new world within our 7x7 mile town. Be prepared to have your mind blown.

Rachel B.

Russell opened my eyes to the streets of SF (and really every city) in a profound way! I brought a group of my colleagues on the tour and Russell was able to address some of our particular interests in addition to the wealth of knowledge he regularly shares. His easy-going style and expert knowledge of his field made him the perfect guide and made the experience illuminating and enjoyable!

Jeremy K.

Russell was great! He was full of insights and history around street art and all its forms. He aligned with the pace we wanted to move and showed even me ( a 11 year resident of San Fran) some new spots for street art just in my own backyard. I would highly recommend.

J. D.

This tour was absolutely amazing! As someone who follows street art very closely and works with emerging artists, I found Russell to be extremely knowledgable, while still being accessible to those who may not be as familiar with street art. Russell is a super nice guy & really easy going, at no point did I feel rushed (I like to take a lot of pics & really examine the pieces). There is so much street art to see in the Mission, it would be impossible to cover it all in 3 hours, but Russell does a great job of showing a variety of styles & choosing walls that are really exquisite. I enjoyed the tour so much that I will definitely go on it again next time I'm in SF!

Ian W.

Russell was INCREDIBLE! He did a fantastic job adjusting the tour to us, showing us a good variety, some popular things and less easy to find things, kept it real and then even sent a follow up email with some more places we could go to on our own! HIGHLY recommend this tour!

H Illary C.

We had an excellent time on our Scouting for Art tour!! Russell was a delight -- totally knowledgeable, and his love for the art comes through and is inspiring. I am already a fan and lover of street art, but I brought along 5 other people ranging in ages from 13 to 50, and everyone found it fascinating and had a great time. I wholly recommend this tour -- it's the perfect way to see and feel a true, living and breathing experience of San Francisco.


My husband and I adored the tour. The variety and beauty of the art was astounding. Russell is incredibly knowledgeable and sweet.


Wandering around through the back alleys with Russel really gives you a sense of the hidden treasures waiting to be explored in the Mission District. Highly recommended.

Nicole W.

My boyfriend and I love street art. We have our usual spots we check out, but wanted to find something new. Russel gave an amazing tour! He was knowledgeable about each piece. He knew what was currently happening with street art in the community. Russel supplied us with several resources so we are able to continue to explore on our own now. So, put on your walking shoes and get ready for a truly unique and amazing experience!

Kelsi G.

My sister and I loved Russell's tour. This tour goes so far beyond just looking at the murals in the Mission. We learned about the many different types of street art and how to recognize artists. Russell has a wealth of knowledge about street art and is great about chatting with the artists we passed during the tour. I can't wait to start scouting for street art on my own now. Thanks for the great tour!

Karla M.

Had a awesome time Russel was great and so knowledgeable Thanks for a great tour Karla :-)

Catherine G.

I did this tour with a friend because I just started being interested in street art and wanted to see that side of San Francisco. I must say I was more than satisfied with the tour!! Russell was great at explaining everything, and I felt I could ask him anything and he did not judge my little knowledge of street art. He is an artist himself and personally knows many of the artist that we saw on the tour so he has a great inseders perspective. I would recommend this to anyone who is curious about this form of art, I learned a lot with Russell!

Lisa G.

Russel's tour was a fantastic three hours walking through the Mission finding treasures, most hidden in plain sight. As a local resident, it was a lot of fun to see a familiar neighborhood in a new way. I highly recommend it!

Bradley C.

Russell did a great job of showing, telling and explaining. He adapted the tour to what the three of us would enjoy and kept a good energy level throughout. Would recommend others the same tour! Brad

Agam H.

Russel is definitely someone extremely knowledgeable about the street art scenes. Not only does he tell you who made the art but also he gives unique insights on how SFO developed socially through street art. He's willing to go out of his usual routes by request which I find was a plus point. I recommend this tour to those who wants to know the not-so-touristy side of SFO.