Sukhumi, Georgia

Hike Adueda Lake

with Dmitry E.

Dmitry E.

Come on a week-long trip to Eastern Abkhazia through the peaceful and wise mountains, among which the sacred Adueda Lake is lost. Local hunters call this lake and its surroundings “the most beautiful place in the whole Abkhazia.” And that’s really true! Especially in early August, when the clear sky allows you to fully enjoy the majestic valleys covered with blooming herbs and brisk streams running into roaring waterfalls. That’s the season when lots of bears and chamois wander around and shepherds make cheese of goat’s milk. And that’s the time we’re going to visit this place…

The week will be full of different events: we’ll cross the entire country and find ourselves in one of the most mountainous parts of it – the Kodori Ridge where traditions are still alive, and nature is pristine. Like real travelers, we’ll go a little bit faster or slower as it’s the only way to discover the Abkhazian hospitality and unique nature of Colchis.

This is the trip for everyone who wants to experience the power and the beauty of the Caucasus Mountains, to touch the original culture of the Abkhaz, to feel the mountain spirit and, of course, to know himself or herself better.

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Dmitry E.

I adore traveling and I haven’t been able to imagine my life without it for a long time. Once upon a time, the road brought me to the Caucasus, the place which I immediately fell in love with. I gained the spirit of a living man there, so I am eager to get back there again and again. The mighty mountains provide you an opportunity to test yourself and the locals make you feel at home. While traveling I try to create all the conditions for a unique and packed memorable adventure as well as to combine the world of nature and culture. Full profile Leave a Review