Sukhumi, Georgia

Black Water Expedition

with Dmitry E.

Dmitry E.

This is the expedition for those who would like to test himself or herself in an intensive week’s hike round the wild upper course of the Bzyb river, its forests, rivers, springs, Alpine meadows and snow-covered peaks…

We start from the upper stream of the Bzyb river with its legendary mineral spring Black Water (or how Russians say – Chornaya Voda). During the Soviet times it was famous for its healing properties. The tour finishes at the village of Pskhu where the descendants of Old Russian settlers live. On our way back we’ll see the high-mountain resort of Auadkhara, Ritsa Lake and Yupshara River canyon.

Why should you go there? To get to the healing and one of the most remote mineral springs of the Caucasus; to see the traditional shepherds’ life and the astonishing beauty of the Abkhaz highlands; to have some rest from the metropolis having a good exercise on the steep paths, bathing in the waterfalls, drinking the spring water, catching trout in the mountain rivers, enjoying simple and absolutely natural food…

• Guides’ services
• Transportation during the whole tour (helicopters and motor vehicles)
• Meals during the whole tour

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Dmitry E.

I adore traveling and I haven’t been able to imagine my life without it for a long time. Once upon a time, the road brought me to the Caucasus, the place which I immediately fell in love with. I gained the spirit of a living man there, so I am eager to get back there again and again. The mighty mountains provide you an opportunity to test yourself and the locals make you feel at home. While traveling I try to create all the conditions for a unique and packed memorable adventure as well as to combine the world of nature and culture. Full profile Leave a Review