Yerevan, Armenia

North to South Armenia

with Dmitry E.

Dmitry E.

This intensive tour is interesting for those who have never been to Nagorno-Karabakh, and just want to see everything interesting in that region. Our trip will start in Yerevan and then drive past Sevan Lake. But what’s the most important – we’ll spend ten days in sunny Artsakh, in quite a unique world, where you really change while plunging into it!

We’ll go along an interesting route coming from north to south along the mountain and forest paths across the whole country. We’ll walk, ride horses, or go by cars. We’ll live the real rural life with Karabakh families and meet a lot of interesting people on our way. We’ll taste local delicacies made with loving and skillful hands, and we’ll drink life-giving water which comes down from the top of the mountains. And finally, we’ll see the astonishing monuments engaging the rich and complicated history of the old Armenian nation.

• 24-hour guide services
• Accommodation in Stepanakert and villages
• Horse rent
• Meals during the whole tour (except for dinners in Stepanakert and lunch in Shushi)
• Motor vehicle services

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I adore traveling and I haven’t been able to imagine my life without it for a long time. Once upon a time, the road brought me to the Caucasus, the place which I immediately fell in love with. I gained the spirit of a living man there, so I am eager to get back there again and again. The mighty mountains provide you an opportunity to test yourself and the locals make you feel at home. While traveling I try to create all the conditions for a unique and packed memorable adventure as well as to combine the world of nature and culture. Full profile Leave a Review