Explore Southern Karabakh

with Dmitry E.

Dmitry E.

It’s a week tour for those who crave adventures and new discoveries. We’ll walk around historical places, see beautiful creations of ancient architects, enjoy alpine views and mountain air, and communication with the locals will help us to discover a totally different reality.

We’ll visit small villages where the invigorating spirit of Artsakh lives and the old capital where different epochs left their mark. We’ll walk and go by off-road vehicle. We’ll have only healthy and delicious rural food on the menu. Spring perhaps is the best season for traveling in Karabakh: the mountain slopes are covered with flowers and local residents make zhingalyav hats or traditional Karabakh bread stuffed with extremely tasty spring herbs.

Our trip is going to bring us closer to nature. We’ll spend several nights in the mountains, in sleeping bags and tents and all the rest nights – in hospitable homes of Karabakh people. We’ll move during the daytime little by little. We take only the most necessary things with us. If you have no sleeping bags or tents we can rent them in Stepanakert.

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Dmitry E.

I adore traveling and I haven’t been able to imagine my life without it for a long time. Once upon a time, the road brought me to the Caucasus, the place which I immediately fell in love with. I gained the spirit of a living man there, so I am eager to get back there again and again. The mighty mountains provide you an opportunity to test yourself and the locals make you feel at home. While traveling I try to create all the conditions for a unique and packed memorable adventure as well as to combine the world of nature and culture. Full profile Leave a Review