Los Angeles, California

Make Street Art Tour of Los Angeles

with Devin W.

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Devin W.

This tour is a survey in the ever changing face of Los Angeles street art culture, from sanctioned murals, to surrealistic stencils and posters, gang graffiti and incoherent scribbling, we are going to see the spectrum of art unfold in before us; the beautiful, the terrible, and just plain strange.

On this tour we will explore not only this precious, and fleeting art, which only exists for a few moments, but also the way the city was shaped through various sociopolitical forces, the bicycles will allow us to stop and take in the more subtle details of the picture.

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Devin W.

I'm a freelance graphic designer, animator, muralist, and cosmic intergalactic being. I love painting illegal murals that maybe make people think thoughts they haven't often thunk about things that are important to think. My goal is to create a total picture of this incredibly complex city; for the spectrum is relative, how could one know beauty if they had never experienced something they did not consider to be so. Full profile Leave a Review

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