Reviews for Gonzo Tour of Pac Heights SF

Jen L.

Jaybee is the consummate tour guide. His knowledge of architecture, history, preservation and current events mixed in with good humor, generosity, and patience provides a glimpse into the elegant, upscale, and richly historical neighborhood of Pacific Heights in San Francisco. If you want to have some fun and learn while visiting SF, try Jaybee's tour. Smiles all around.

Lynn T.

I took the tour with Jaybee last weekend and it was a great tour! we walked all around Pac Heights and I learned so much about both architecture and history. I highly recommend Jaybee's tour.

June L.

The Pac Heights architecture tour was super fun and informative. We learned about different styles that are prevalent in San Francisco - Queen Anne, Victorian, Edwardian, SF Stick Style, and so forth. Jaybee is a vault of knowledge about anecdotes and is a stickler for elegance, beauty, and preservation. We even went into an open house to see the interior of one of the buildings!