Marimo Watching Tour

with Yuichi K.

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Yuichi K.
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At Akan national park you can see a lot of beauty and mystery of wild nature. During this tour you visit Lake Akan where you enjoy sight seeing boat and see mysterious Marimo ( Ball shaped algae grown under the lake ) and visit Ainu village. We also go to Kshiro marshland national park and Lake Kussaro where hot spring water come out if you dig sandy beach at the shore. Model itinerary is as follows.

Day 1
Depart at Sapporo
Arrive at Lake Akan, enjoy sightseeing boat
At night enjoy Ainu( indigenous people in Hokkaido ) traditional songs and dances at Ainu theater

Day 2
Go to Kushiro and visit Kushiro marsh land and Japanese red crowned crane sanctuary
Go to Lake Kussharo and Lake Mashu
Go to Kitami

Day 3
Go to Asahikawa
Visit Sake brewery and Asahiyama zoo
Go to Sapporo

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Yuichi K.

My name is Yuichi. My guests call me Ichi. Ichi means No.1 so I hope it's easy for you to remember my name. I am a licensed English speaking tour guide. I was born and have lived most of my life in Hokkaido. I have a lot of experience working as a travel agent and guide. I am sure I can make you enjoy in Hokkaido! MY career is below. 2006~2013 I I had been working as a travel agent and taken Japanese tourists to other countries. I have visited more than 60 countries all over the world. There,I was treated with kind consideration by local guides and people. Owing my good memories in foreign countries I have been thinking that I want to treat foreign visitors same way that I was treated outside Japan. 2013~2016 I had been teaching English in high school and studied how difficult to teach and spread English to the Japanese teenagers. Then I had still have a dream to be a English guide. 2016~ I have been working as a English speaking guide. I moved to Tokyo and guided my guests in Tokyo. (Mainly Tsukiji market & Asakusa) Now I came back to Hokkaido and I am working at travel agency and also as a English speaking guide. I had a lot of guests and they enjoyed my tour. I would like to show you their great review for my guiding! I can guide you whole area of Hokkaido and Tokyo area. If you want private tour even outside Hokkaido I can plan your tour and attend you as a tour planner, interpreter and itinerary control manager ( This is national license in Japan ) If I work as an English speaking guide my fee is 25,000 JPY ( around 235 USD ) per a day. If I work as an English speaking guide and driver my fee is 30,000 JPY ( around 280 USD ) per a day. # This is the case that you use rental car and I drive. If I work as a interpreter, tour planner, tour escort and itinerary control manager any area of Japan my fee is 20,000 JPY ( around 190 USD ) per a day. # This is the case that you pay me my transportation fee from Sapporo to Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya or other airport. ( Ticket will be around 20,000 JPY for return ticket ) Full profile Leave a Review

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