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Andres M.
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Just an easy meander through a lovely little town that I frequent: Fullerton, California! Join me on a hike through lovely Laguna Lake Park, just off Euclid heading south of Imperial Highway; then, after getting our fair share of daily exercise, we'll head southeast to Fullerton's bustling downtown center, to grab a quick bite, check out some of the local attractions, and, if we're there on the right day, catch a show at one of the area's many fine venues Talk to me if you need a ride to the area; I'm sure we can set up a carpool for everyone's convenience. The cost of the experience covers one meal at wherever we happen to eat, as well as any gas needed to pick someone up from an area out of the way of our destination.

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Hello, travelers of the world! My name is Andres Marquez. I've been a resident of Los Angeles for most of my life, and in that time I've seen a great deal of what this city and the surrounding areas have to offer. I've experienced the well-known spots, like Manhattan Beach, the Americana, Hollywood Boulevard and Sunset (I've played a few shows there myself!), as well as some of the lesser-known, but equally enthralling restaurants, hangouts, shops and parks. I love Los Angeles and Orange County and most of Southern California because it offers artists like me a chance at opportunity doing the things we love, as well as plenty of people to explore these opportunities with. If you're looking for a guide to this great big sprawl, who knows all the ins and outs, and most of the In-n-Outs, then you've come to the right place! Full profile Leave a Review

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