Santa Marta (Distrito Turístico Cultural E Histórico), Colombia

Freedive in Colombia

with Carlos C.

Carlos C.

Freediving is a natural sport; a mask, fins and some serious determination are all you need. Freedivers have a mentality similar to yogis—the activity engages mind and body and focuses on connecting with the environment. In this case, your environment is pretty spectacular. Carribean Columbia is home to a lively reef full of fish and occasional aquatic mammals. After pool sessions, take a boat into the open water and finish your freediving level one certification.

Freediving Instructors International Level One Freediver certificate (card and diploma), boat and pool fees, level one manual and basic gear (mask, snorkel, fins) if necessary.

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Level 1 & Basic Freediving Safety Instructor Freediving Instructors International. Founder, Getaway Colombia Project & Delphinus Freediving Club. Just Breathe...Just Believe... ...La Mar... Freediver...Free Spirit... Full profile Leave a Review