Iquitos, Peru

Wildlife Walk in the Peruvian Amazon

with Luis S.

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Luis S.

I would like to take you to see the Pacaya – Samiria, a reserve that can be accessed from the city of Iquitos in Peru, the best option for any tourist that likes nature and likes watching animals in their own habitats.

We can do a variety of activities such as jungle walks, canoeing, boat rides, fishing (piranhas, catfish and other kinds of fish), bird watching, monkey spotting, and pink and gray river dolphin watching. At night we can do frog, caiman, and alligator spotting. We can also find some other creatures like tarantulas and snakes, depending on the weather or on just plain luck.

In this area we can enjoy wildlife together any time of the year, seeing the beautiful landscapes with gorgeous giant trees and many types of plants (both ornamental and medicinal). You will also have a very nice and peaceful time surrounding yourself with different sounds of the nature both during the day and at night.

We can do all this activities within a space of at least four days, but I have to say that spending more time here means having more chances to find all the animals I have mentioned. I can arrange that we stay in the villagers’ houses, or we can set up camps in tents next to the rivers. Please let me know how long you would like to stay here, and I can plan the price and itinerary accordingly.

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2 Reviews

Christopher L.

Luis is a fantastic tour guide with intimate knowledge of Iquitos and the Amazon rainforest in Peru. He came highly recommended to me and my girlfriend when we visited Iquitos, and we don't regret our tour with him one bit. He took us on a night walk to find tarantulas, a piranha fishing trip, a hike to one of the biggest and oldest trees in the rainforest, and a care center for all kinds of monkeys! We saw water buffalo and sugarcane farms and even learned how to drink water from the inside of a tree branch. Throughout it all, Luis delivered explanations of everything in both English and Spanish, and made sure everyone in our group was comfortable and having fun. I highly recommend touring the vibrant Iquitos area and beautiful surrounding rainforest with Luis as your guide.

June L.

If you ever go to Iquitos to see the Amazon rainforest, Luis is your man! At the airport, we talked to a bunch of people who had sub par tour guides - even ones that left them alone for long periods of time when they went out. Don't let this happen to you! Luis is the most kind, patient, friendly, and responsible guide I have ever had. As a little boy, he played in the rainforest with all sorts of animals, so he knows everything there is to know about the Peruvian Amazon like the palm of his hand. We went hiking, met a local tribe, saw monkeys, went to a sugarcane farm, went tarantula hunting, and fished piranha from the river (and he cooked it for us!). He speaks both Spanish and English very well, so you'll be happy whether you want to practice your Spanish or get your experience in English from a local!

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