San Francisco, California

Make Something Real

with Marc R.

Marc R.

San Francisco isn't your typical city, it's the face of Silicon Valley and in the heart of SOMA there is a place called TechShop that will allow you to run free and create to your hearts content.

They have Epilog 60W lasers, Makerbot 3D printing, a full Electronics laboratory, plenty of hand tools and work tables, a conference room and computer lab, and that's just the small stuff. The big stuff includes Flowjet WaterJet CNC cutters that can penetrate and cut shapes out of materials up to 7 inches of Titanium, industrial sewing, vacuum forming, wood working including the Famous Shopbot, welding, metal mills/lathes CNC mills, Powder coating and Sandblasting, CNC Vinyl cutters, Silk Screening, Injection Molding, Carbon Fiber and plastic molding abilities.

Show up WEARING CLOSE TOE SHOES, and with workshop friendly clothing.

Plan to spend at least 4 hours on sight.

Tour the shop, learn quickly what each machine is called and how it works.

Pick your project and start working on the machines. You'll get hands on experience with 4 to 10 of the machines that started the industrial revolution and or make up the future of fabrication.

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