Wien, Austria

Vienna Beer Experience(Traditional Brew)

with Kennet K.

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Kennet K.
Style: Educational

Experience part of the history of Vienna and Austria through their beer.!

Austria is a country with an important brewing tradition! Certain brewing places have hundreds of years of existence! and they have a lot of history..

You will have the opportunity to taste Austrian-origin beers that are hundreds of years old, and are known all over the world today.

If you enjoy beer and want to learn a bit about its history in Vienna while you walk around the city: this tour is for you!

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Kennet K.

Hi, I'm Kennet ... a craft brewer in Vienna and a beer walker for you! In addition to being a brewer I am a beer aficionado, and the culture and history that may exist behind a beer recipe excites me! That's why I designed this very specific tour!!! because my love for this city (Vienna) and my love for beer come together. I am a curious person and I love meeting people from other countries and sharing good times. Imagine that by sharing a beer from Vienna !!! "The possibilities are endless when you share a beer...." Full profile Leave a Review

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