Fira, Greece

Santorini Photography Cruise

with Ranger M.

Ranger M.

This photography sunset cruise is geared towards novice & amateur photographers with an interest in upgrading their skill set and a focus on point & shoot and hand held DSLR cameras. The professional photographer accompanying you on this cruise will be touching upon hi- contrast & low sunset light and will be available for any other inquiries you may have throughout the cruise.
So bring your camera, swimming gear and an appetite and get ready for one of the greatest sunset cruises of your life.

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Ranger M.

I am located on the Cycladic island of Santorini in the Aegean Sea, one of the most magnificent islands in the world. Steeped in a history and mythology believed by many to be the location of the Lost Atlantis. I first came to Santorini in 1983, loved it so much, I moved here in 1990 and have plenty of experience with the island and it's people and have been photographing professionally here for almost as long. Originally from the U.K., College & University educated in Canada. Full profile Leave a Review