Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu Mural Photo Tour

with Michael P.

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Michael P.
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The City of Honolulu has a beautiful and extremely underrated artistry scene that can rival the world famous murals out of Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood. This excursion is a bike ride around the city, and will showcase the more artistic side of the urban oasis that is Honolulu.

Bring a camera and a bike! This tour is to last approximately two hours!

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Michael P.

— FOR INQUIRIES AND INTERVIEWS PERTAINING TO OCCUPY WALL STREET PLEASE EMAIL ME AT PELLA 7387 AT GMAIL DOT COM — Aloha, HOW YOU DOIN? My name is Michael Pellagatti. I am a history buff, freelance journalist and sightseeing guide. For most of my life I have lived in New York, until I relocated to Honolulu in 2019. My tours have been featured twice in the New York Times, and I have conducted excursions for the most prestigious academic institutions in the civilized world such as Yale, Columbia, and the University of London. When you are getting a tour from me, you are getting a tour from a living walking-talking encyclopedia! I am deeply involved with social justice causes in both New York and Hawai’i; being a fixture within independent media circles covering protests, breaking developments, and interviewing or featuring notable personalities such as Gloria Allred, and the late Pete Seeger. Everyone is unique in their own way, here’s what makes me unique. Professionally, I have one of the highest tour guide licensing test scores in New York City history (since the test was first administered in 2003) scoring 137 out of 150. I am the first, AND ONLY, tour guide in the history of the business to cover both New York and Honolulu. I have a legitimate claim to New York City's history, being among the small group of activists who camped out at Zuccotti Park on September 17th 2011, creating the Occupy Movement. By default that makes me a (not-so-famous) historical person not only as a tour guide, but also as an activist too! For more information follow me on twitter and Instagram @thepellareport, or visit the Counter Cultural Tour of NYC facebook page https://m.facebook.com/CCTNYC Full profile Leave a Review

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