Reykjavik, Iceland

Brewed in Iceland !

with Samuel K.

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Samuel K.

Beer has always been vikings prized drink. And it still is today in Iceland. If the main lagers are dull and available in most bars, we will go behind the scene and taste the micro breweries. The real deal Iceland has to offer.

You will learn about the history of beer in Iceland, how beer is made, and how to fully appreciate beer. I have worked in a brewery in my youth.

This is not just pub crawl, this is a pub crawl with style!

This experience includes at least 5 beer (and probably more) from Iceland, some snacks and witty comments by a local guide and beer maniac.

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Samuel K.

I'm a Swiss expat' living in Iceland and exploring its possibilities. When i'm not busy guiding or advocating vacation in Iceland, I hang out in Reykjavik enjoying the musical scene. And yeah, I have met Björk and the guys of Sigur Rós. I also write advices for travelers on Full profile

15 Reviews

Mona P.

My niece and I had a great time with Samuel. It was a joy to experience the brew scene of Reykjavik with such a knowledgeable host. He also gave us a great, off-the-beaten path tour of the city center and wonderful advice on places to add to our itinerary on the Ring Road. I highly recommend signing up for this experience!

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