San Francisco, California

OuterBody Experience Sampler

with Jason W.

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Jason W.

Travel to a different dimension right in the middle of the artistic center of SF. You'll use video goggles and cameras to move your sense of sight into a third person point of view that's looking back at yourself.

Your visual perspective has a lot of influence over how your mind fabricates your sense of self. In this fractured sensory state you'll have the opportunity to sample a handful of activities and games that accentuate the balance between your eyesight and your other embodied senses.

This all happens in the OuterBody Experience Lab, a cozy little warehouse on the historic Balmy Alley in the colorful Mission District.

The sampler session is 15 minutes long, but of course you have the option to book 30 or 60 minute sessions as well.

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Jason W.

I'm an artist working with perception, media and the sense of self. Full profile Leave a Review

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