Lake Tahoe CA/NV

The Tour of Tahoe

with Mark B.

Mark B.

Note: The price of $40/person will be for March 30 at 10am ONLY. The normal price is $250 per group.

Are you ready to explore one of the most beautiful alpines lakes in the world? Lake Tahoe offers its clear, pristine waters surrounded by the high Sierra Mountains. There is no better way to relax or enjoy the exhilarating activities around this majestic lake than with your own personal guide. If you enjoy hiking, road riding, mt. biking, kayaking, or motorcycling...I'm your personal tour guide. I have lived at the lake for 35 years and know the special spots for all to enjoy.

The year round activities can be tailored to your specific needs..I know all the trails for a beautiful hike or mt. bike ride. Riding around the lake (or parts of it) via a road bike or motorcycle. The winter activities are skiing or back country touring. I have taught skiing for 30 years I can show you the best powder lines, steep chutes, and tree stashes at any of the premier resorts.

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Mark B.

I am a long time resident of Tahoe (35 years) and have spent a portion of that time in every community around the lake. I know the hot spots, the quiet areas, and the adventurous locales to compliment anyone's perfect vacation. No matter what time of the year....Tahoe has something to offer. Do you need a ski tour of the mountains...maybe a few pointers or an all day lesson? Do like the cruisers or into the steeps and fresh tree runs? I can show you your perfect line. Summer activities of biking (mt. or road), kayaking (paddleboarding), or a motorcycle ride around some of the most pristine roads in the country. Full profile Leave a Review