Istanbul, Turkey

A Day in the Life

with Kerem G.

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Kerem G.

Live the life of an over-educated pretentious snob in his twenties for a day in Istanbul. He'll take you to some places in Taksim, where he usually hangs out. Visit places that help him sustain his lazy but fulfilling day-to-day existence - the place where he drinks tea and philosophizes with friends, the restaurant where he eats local food that is so cheap yet so delicious, the bookstore where he spends all his income, and the roof with the best view of İstanbul he has seen so far.

A guided tour of the life in Istanbul.

Available every weekday starting from 5 in the evening (before is too hot).

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Kerem G.

My name is Kerem, and I am a student of comparative literature living in İstanbul. I was born in Los Angeles, but we moved here 11 years ago and I've been in love since. So, not so many characters remain, gotta sum it up: This tour is a portrait of my average day. Full profile

3 Reviews


This tour was a great experience. I saw some very interesting things that I would have otherwise missed and I met some really cool people. I would highly recommend it.

Julia I.

It was such a pleasure to spend time with Kerem! Highly recommend it...we visited areas of Istanbul that we would have not visited otherwise. Great fish sandwiches, cute tea shop and great discussion about politics and philosophy!

Melanie H.

This was such a great experience!! We saw so many interesting parts of Istanbul we'd been missing. Kerem was so much fun and such a knowledgeable guide on the art scene in the city. If you have time, definitely do this tour!

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