Tonopah, Nevada

Nevada Star Trails & Gazing

with Kevin C.

Kevin C.

Tonopah, Nevada has the unique distinction of having one of the darkest nighttime skies in the country. Travel the star trails after the moon sets, let your eyes adjust and then simply look up and lose yourself in the darkest skies in the nation. There’s nothing quite like it. Even the most inexperienced stargazers will see more than expected. While those in bigger, brighter cities are used to seeing only 25 to 50 stars because of light pollution, Tonopah skies show more than 7,000 stars including the Milky Way on a clear, moonless night. Those with good eyes will be able to see stars as faint as visual magnitude +7.0, which is the faintest of stars visible to the unaided eye. We will stay overnight at the Mizpah Hotel which is a 1890 era hotel in elegant San Franciscan style.

We will depart from Reno Nevada at10:00 am and travel 4 hours south to Tonopah NV. We will arrive late afternoon and check into the Mizpah. While waiting for the stars to come out. We will go underground and explore the Tonopah Historic Mining Park and the Central Nevada Museum to learn about the rich history of central Nevada. Fees include lodging. Meals are on your own. We will return by noon the following day.

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Kevin C.

Kevin retired from the State of Nevada in 2009, after 32+ years of service. Born and raised in Connecticut, Kevin completed his undergraduate study at Glassboro State College (NJ) in 1976 and went on to receive his masters and doctoral degrees from the University of Nevada in 1983. Being a Vayable Guide has enabled Kevin to not only enjoy something he is passionate about, but also to make retirement as a time when he can share his knowledge and love of the Sierra Nevada and Great Basin desert with visitors to the Reno Tahoe area. Kevin lives in Carson City, Nevada, and enjoys camping, music, hiking, biking and exploring the mighty Sierra Nevada and the Great Basin. He especially loves to fish the Sierra during the summers, snowshoe in the winter, and picnic at remote hot springs in between. Full profile Leave a Review