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Gary D.

One of the concerns of parents whose children are college bound have is "what kind of town is my kid moving to?" New York City is made up of hundreds of neighborhoods, very much like small towns. Two of these neighborhoods have very large educational institutions dominating the local scene. What I will try to do is to decipher and illuminate for concerned parents these small towns. I will give you the history of the neighborhood, show you the historical sites and point out the best places to shop, eat and relax. I will also impart things and places to avoid.

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Gary D.

Gary Dennis was born and raised in Manhattan In a family of competitive know-it-all's. In 2006 Gary launched a one-man effort to rename 103rd Street Humphrey Bogart Place, in honor of the late actor who grew up there, which culminated in a street renaming (a big deal in this city), a plaque on the building memorializing the structure as the childhood home of Mr. Bogart, and a renaming event which was attended by various New York City officials, Lauren Bacall and her son, Stephen Bogart. For his efforts, Gary was the subject of numerous articles in The New York Times. In the Fall of 2006 his store, Movie Place, became the victim of greedy landlords who more than doubled the store's rent and Gary was forced to close the business. Gary became licensed as an official New York City tour guide. Full profile

1 Review

Peter M.

This looks like a great idea! If I was a parent, sending my child to school in NYC, or even considering it, this looks like it would be well worth the money for the information for parent and student, and the peace of mind.

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