Frankfurt, Germany

Walking Frankfurt

with Jo A.

Jo A.

This easy walking tour explores the highlights of the city, as we tell you about the long, fascinating history of Frankfurt. We show you all the interesting, and quirky bits that this oft-overlooked city has to offer. Wondering what makes Frankfurt tick? Why people love living in this lively city? Our native English-speaking guides can show you. Whether you want to visit markets, medieval churches, historical sites or have the best German food, your tour can have it all.

We will meet you at your hotel, the airport or any other location in the city that you prefer and we will begin your tour to the best highlights of the city.

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Jo A.

Both Jo and David are from Columbus, Ohio. Jo has lived in Frankfurt for almost 26 years, & David for 11 years. We are passionate about Frankfurt and hope to pass our fascination with the history of this city on to our guests. Jo is also a certified guide with the city of Frankfurt. Full profile Leave a Review

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