Reviews for Castro & Twin Peaks Hike


Great trip to Twin Peaks with Alex she was wonderful, interesting, patient accommodating and was able to make it enjoyable for parents, a 22year-old, a 16-year-old and an 18-year-old and that is not easy to do ! The hiking is not difficult and it's not too easy it's actually just about right on the difficulty scale and the exertion required. The peters family

Jessica F.

We booked this tour as part of our honeymoon adventure along the west coast. It was the best decision! Both Dawn and Alexandra were super. The pace was steady with a few breaks to catch our breath. It was a great way to see a new city. We would definitely recommend this hike for people in good health (for reference, we are both in our late twenties and have been regularly going to the gym for the past six months) as it was a rather steep and narrow climb to the summit of Twin Peaks. Dawn and Alex kept us right on schedule with the timing, but did not rush us when we wanted to take photos at several points throughout. We would highly recommend this tour and can't wait to do another when we visit SF again!

Jeff A.

We thoroughly enjoyed Max's led hike of the Castro and Twin Peaks. Lots of local history and interesting stairways. Buns of steel. If Max can make a hike on the hottest day in SF history fun (when the entire Bay Area is enshrouded in smoke from fires in nearby counties), then imagine what a blast you will have in normal conditions. Don't miss this funky way to see the city. (PS - you may learn all the different ways to say "San Francisco")

Juliana C.

Great experience in San Francisco - consider I love hiking. I had been in town many times before, but had never done such a fun (non)touristic experience. Alexandra knows how to take you to another San Francisco without leaving town. Would definitelly do it again.

Shamba M.


Jerome M.

I'm a big fan of walking through cities, and for my first time in San Francisco this tour with Alex sure did not disappoint. She took us through areas of the city I would definitely haven't been to by myself, while sharing interesting (and dare I say, fun!) tidbits of history along the way. I'd definitely recommend this tour to anyone who's visiting the city - in fact I wished there were similar tours where I live! (et au fait, pour les francophones - Alex parle parfaitement français!) ((Alex does speak an impeccable French ;-))


AMAZING! Alexandra makes a great tour guide with her secret routes and in depth knowledge on San Francisco history. These tours are perfect for locals looking for a weekend activity and a MUST for San Francisco visitors. Hey San Francisco locals, you may be thinking that you've 'been there, done that' so why pay for such a service. I must say, I was a skeptic myself and did this for my out-of-towner guests. But after going on the Urban Jungle hike, I am excited to give all hikes a try and uncover more secret sf history!


I can't recommend this tour enough! These hikes are spectacular adventures, and unlike any other walking tour you can get in SF --- skip those cheesy bus tours, and discover the gems of this beautiful city by foot! You'll still get your fill of Victorian houses and top views of the Golden Gate bridge, but also get some fresh air and exercise along the way. I've lived in San Francisco for 5 years and I thought I knew this city well, but Alex showed us showed us so many cool things about the city, including a way-up top view that looks straight down Market Street to the Ferry Building, shortcuts to Twin Peaks through lush-green secret stairways, and my favorite --- a hidden eucalyptus forest. We couldn't stop taking photos because we kept turning the corner and discovering a new angle of the city! They also surprised us with some delicious home-baked lavender cookies and rosemary parmesan tea cakes to keep us fueled on the hike.


This tour took us on a couple of hours hike through San Fran, literally. I was sceptical before we headed off about using the word 'hike' in the tour name but soon learned just how appropriate it was as Alex took up the side of the Twin Peaks (yep on the goat track), through a hidden little pocket of Eucalyptus trees and up and down some of those crazy steep stairways that San Fran is famous for. Along the way we met some locals fighting to save their beautiful stairway parkland, played with some kids on a concrete slide, and chatted with Alex about her beloved San Francisco. I love tours. I love the slightly crazy men and women taking me for a stroll around their neighbourhoods and telling me great stories. I also love those big nasty hop-on hop-off tour buses that drop you off with millions of other tourists in all the most popular spots. I fully embrace being a tourist. Alex provided me with a totally different type of tour and it turned out to be a brilliant way to balance out all those other tours that were a little more predictable. Alex has hit upon a unique idea and has an effervescent and engaging personality which makes this tour an absolute winner. Thanks Alex !!


I love to hike, but I also like visiting cities and taking in the sights. An urban hike was just the thing. The route we followed (and there are several to choose from) started out in the Castro neighborhood and went up to Twin Peaks. We saw historic buildings which had survived the earthquake, winding streets, great stairways, beautiful views (no fog on our day), and explored an old eucalyptus forest. At times you can forget you are in a big city. At the end of our morning hike we were back in time for a great lunch.


Being in San Francisco for the first time was highlighted by our hike with Alex. She was so accommodating and worked with us and the weather to make sure we got our hike in. It was a great trip, great views and so many areas you would never see on your own. Since we were in from the east coast, we had a limited time to get our hike in., Even though the weather was pretty rainy, it cleared up by noon and we had a great hike. The views from Twin Towers were amazing, and it was a great workout. There were enough times to catch your breath while Alex talked about the areas were were seeing, so all fitness levels would be fine completing the hike. Next time we're in the city, I would love to do another of Alex's hikes. She was great!


I highly recommend Alexandra - whether you are a local looking for a way to spend your Sunday morning or a tourist discovering the city for the very first time. Although our walk was technically in the city, this is not just another guided tour that takes you past major tourist attractions. Alex put a lot of thought into creating her routes, which seemed to have either a hidden garden or a magnificent view at every turn. Fortunately, Alex was extremely knowledgeable about the neighborhoods, so we stopped every now and then so that she could share historical tidbits or tell us about the architecture. And don’t be fooled by the word “urban” in the name – you’ll definitely feel like you’ve had your workout for the day. Needless to say, I was very grateful when Alex led us to Ike’s Place (an amazing sandwich shop) after we finished.

Debbie L.

Every time I go on a hike with Alexandra, I am awestruck. She finds the coolest places to go and uncovers the secret jewels of San Francisco. You get great exercise while enjoying the panoramic views of the city. Highly recommended!