Great Barrington, Massachusetts

Berkshires Cycling Rambles

with Ron B.

Ron B.

You'll be embarking on a bicycle trip throughout the hidden networks of dirt roads within Berkshire County - with amazing views, woodlands, forests, farms, private swimming holes, etc. We are farmers as well as cyclists, and will provide snacks, lunch & whatever is needed to eat (and we make cider and beer too, so that'll be there at the end (or middle) of the ride(s)). We can provide great bikes - classic randonneuring bikes with wide tires and lights, that are fast and light and comfortable.

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Ron B.

We're homesteaders in the Berkshires, we get around by bike, bring our vegetables to market by bike, get to job sites (farming, gardening) by bike etc. XC skiers, cyclists, beekeepers, gardeners, etc. Parents to 9 year old boy (who rides) and a Lurcher, who we're training to come along with us in a big basket Full profile Leave a Review