Reviews for Private Tour of Marrakech

Patty R.

I have sent this directly to Asiz, but here it is again. Unfortunately I have to say that the tour was not what I expected and that overall I was disappointed. First of all, it is somewhat misleading to say that you are giving the tour when in fact someone else showed up. Although he was certainly knowledgeable about Marrakech, I don’t feel that he particularly brought another dimension to the visit. We were already on a tour and we chose our free day to (hopefully) see something out of the ordinary. He answered questions when asked, but didn’t seem particularly interested in sharing his vision of the city. We hired a private guide to see some of the Marrakech that was not in a guidebook, yet he didn’t seem to have a plan and took us to places that we could have gone on our own by merely consulting a guide book. In addition, although we had said we were particularly interested in food and the night market, he did not have much knowledge of this subject and wasn’t particularly interested in it either. Maybe Marrakech doesn’t have a lot more to offer than can be found in guidebooks, but somehow, I cannot believe that.