Reviews for Enjoy Turkish Breakfast!

Merve E.

If you are tourist in Istanbul you may get little bit confused where to eat or perhaps you can pass without noticing that there is the best food lying there. This doesn't happen with Kasper because he has lots of amazing places that are off-the path that you wouldn't come across by yourself. When we met Kasper, he offered us different types of places where we could possibly have our breakfast, and we chose the menemen place which is old style looking but even it was mentioned in Guardian as one of the best breakfast places in Istanbul. So menemen (scrambled eggs with tomato and pepper & different ingredients) was perfect, my favorite was menemen with cheese. And of course you should definitely leave a space in your tummy for Bal and Kaymak ( Honey and sweet cream). I highly recommend this tour to all! Don't miss out having a nice Turkish breakfast and a great, talkative, funny guide before leaving Istanbul!


I have sussed out why Kasper is in love with Istanbul! it's all because of Turkish food! I'm pretty sure that the breakfast that he'll take you to can unleash in you the similar feelings.. Eating the bal with kaymak and gozleme with cheese and mushrooms on the Bosphours coast is the best option to start a lovely day in Istanbul! Totally recommended!

Susan R.

This was a yummy breakfast in a spot filled with locals. Our host was delightful and taught us all about the neighborhood.

Greg I.

Kasper took us to a place with delicious breakfast. Not only it was a great place to start a day cause of food but as well cause of the amount of information about Istanbul he gave us, places to go he recommended and lots of other advice he gave us for our stay in Istanbul. Anyway, coming back to the breakfast make sure to take bal with kaymak and gozleme with cheese and mushrooms! And ask Kasper to explain you how to go to one of the best menemen place in Istanbul, we went there other day and it was amazingly good!!

Michael B.

Kasper is friendly, outgoing and knowledgeable. Our group of 4 thoroughly enjoyed our morning with him. Learning about Turkish food and coffee was fun, and the views of Istanbul spectacular. Kasper was very helpful answering all our questions, a great way to start off our time in Turkey. Learning the tram system with Kasper made it easy to use later. So much better than booking a shore excursion through the cruise line. We were especially happy Kasper was able to be flexible with us on timing and getting us to the Spice Market afterward. Couple of things to note: the cost of breakfast is not included (our group paid about $50 USD for five people, including Kasper), nor is transportation, so be prepared for a good hike or budget for a taxi. Suggestion for improvement: having a sign with the guest's name helps with the initial connection.

Petyo S.


Los P.

For a first time visitor to Istanbul, I wanted an original experience and Kasper delivered. I have to say the food was to die for, everything that was brought to our table I couldn’t get enough. The bread came in dozens and each dish, one of meat, cheese and vegetable didn’t fail to enlighten my taste buds. I couldn’t repeat the names of what we ate, all I can say that my stomach never felt happier. The ambience of the quaint restaurant not only added to our experience but also the stories of which Kasper enlightened us with. He was so engaging and very informative of places we couldn’t miss that aren’t on your everyday tourist map. Kasper is a must stop on your tour of the beautiful Istanbul. Thank you Kasper for a wonderful and mouth watering experience!

Luca B.

At the beginning I was a little bit know I am italian, I was always looking for some coffee and croissant! But then a friend bring me to this fantastic tour. First of all so nice being in places that as a tourist you ll need days and days to discover, then really i felt in love with turkish breakfast. Is more similar to a lunch,eggs (you should try menemen!), tomatoes,olives,cheese good bread and a lot of other interesting stuff,but I dont remember the name..and the fantastic little tea,no stop! Everything you need for a relaxing morning. Beautiful, I miss it. You ll miss it;)

Dana A.

everytime i have visited istanbul, i have been surprised by the places that kaspar takes me. he knows the ins and outs of the city, primarily the best kept secrets of istanbul. i suggest to start with his breakfast tour, since his speciality is food! -- try the eggs menemen with sujuk (spicy sausage) if you love meat... delicious! buon apetito!

Michał Z.

Forget about the English breakfast .. Turkish one is what is needed to start the day! I recommend strongly, especially this particular location which can not be found without knowledge of the city. THX Kacper.. next one in October :))

Paulina S.

Guys thank you so much for this amazing trip! After spanding few weeks in Istanbul we thought we knew the city pritty well but you showed us parts we didnt know about and places with the best tastes ever! thanks again and we will definitely meet again